Use Licenses for Photos

Less than 3,000 sq. ft. home


3,000-4,000 sq ft home or 2-units


4,000-5,000 sq ft home or 3-units


5,000-6,000 sq ft home or 4-units


For listings larger than 6,000 or more than 4 units


Follow-up Photos

$125 Per Visit

Additional Services

Virtual Tour (slide show of still photos set to music)


360˚VR Tour

Same Price as Still Photo Licenses (Additional)

Floor/Flow Plans


Sky Replacement

$10 per image or $50 per listing

Aerials Stills


Day to Dusk 'Digital Twilights'

$25 per image

Aerial Video OR Aerial 360˚VR



Charge for Travel Time beyond 60 minutes of Portland may be assessed, dependent on how many listings we are photographing in that area that day.


Unless otherwise stated, Use License is granted only for as long as the property is actively listed by Agent.


Indefinite Use Licenses are available, but are subject to Maine State Sales Tax (5.5%).